Quick reminder that protesting has never changed history

Nationwide, conservatives have found themselves in the difficult position of having to tell liberals the truth about their “protests.”

“All of their ‘marches’ and ‘demonstrations’ are really just them whining,” said Joe Redford, a 32-year-old Illinois resident. “Past generations would never have been such public crybabies.”

Redford, office manager still using his parents’ Netflix account, says he cannot understand where people got the idea that they should speak out.

“It’s as if they think it’s their right and not just a nuisance,” he said.

He also said he believes these “protesters” are destroying American tradition.

“Hillary lost; get over it. Trump won fairly, so I don’t see why people feel like they can complain,” added Redford, who drives a 2003 Nissan Frontier with a “NObama” sticker on it.

The sad reality is, liberals are operating under the completely baseless idea that acting out has ever achieved positive results.

Protesting has certainly never achieved better protection of rights.

And it certainly never helped anyone get rights in the first place.

No Americans have ever used a protest to make their voices heard.

And no true American would ever take up arms over government policy on say, whiskey taxes.

And we all know workers’ strikes are a 21st century phenomenon. No one got the ludicrous idea that workers’ should have rights until after the iPhone, at least.

Do you reallyreally think our Founding Fathers would be okay with public outcry over unjust laws?

Please, liberals, stop embarrassing yourselves. Do you really think conservatives would have stooped so low as to complain en mass about a presidential election or question someone’s legitimacy as president?

Stop your liberal temper tantrums. After all, when has marching in the streets ever been effective?

Originally published at gw.therival.news by Emily Milakovic on 12.7.16
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