A not-so-springy Spring Fling

GW’s annual Spring Fling in University Yard was a little chilly on Saturday. However, the temperature (and repercussions of the SA election drama) did not stop the party from happening.

“We’re very glad we got everything sorted even with the rain,” said Program Board Vice Chair Lindsay Mackinson. “It added some complications with setup.”

This year’s performers were Isaiah Rashad, Sage the Gemini, and Matoma.

Mackinson said the Program Board worked hard to book the performers, who are all on tour currently.

“We’re really happy with the artists,” she said. “It was an especially long and painstaking procress because there’s a lot of other big outside concerts. We’re really excited.”

In case you’re not “up” on music these days or missed our announcement, here’s the low-down on who performed:

Isaiah Rashad

  • 25 year-old hip-hop artist and producer

  • In 2013, signed with Top Dawg Entertainment, the same label that represents Kendrick Lamar

  • Notes OutKast’s ATLiens for making him want to rap

The crowd for Rashad started smaller, but grew throughout the set as more people arrived at Spring Fling. A group of his fans gathered at the front, with one yelling, “You should have been the headliner!”

During his set, Rashad reminded the crowd how important it is that we “respect each other” as people. I personally had not listened to a lot of his work prior to Spring Fling, but thought he had good stage presence and enjoyed his set.

Sage the Gemini

  • 24 year-old rapper/producer known for hits like “Gas Pedal,” which reached 29 on the Billboard Hot 100

  • Chose his stage name based on his eye color and zodiac sign

  • My future boyfriend

Prior to Sage’s performance, DJ Lucci told the crowd “before my brother come out he said y’all gotta be turned up,” and played some songs from associated acts. There were a few hiccups with the sound equipment at the beginning of his set, but they were resolved quickly.

Some didn’t like Sage’s demeanor of stopping to chat and dance around on the stage, though many said they saw it as engaging or part of his personality.

Despite calls to “take it off,” the most Sage took off was his sweatshirt.

Despite calls to “take it off,” the most Sage took off was his sweatshirt.

After one round of of calls asking Sage to strip, he joked “I’m not drunk,” though he teased and pulled his shirt up slightly.

It’s very important to note that of all the women whose hands he grabbed or interacted with, I was the only legitimate one, sorry ladies. We pointed back and forth at each other during the “I know, you know, we know” part of “Good Thing.” We’re all lucky that I didn’t die of a heart attack and am here to write this article.


  • 25 year-old DJ and producer from Norway

  • Has produced songs featuring artist like Akon, Sean Paul, and Wale

  • His debut studio album was titled “Hakuna Matoma”

Matoma’s performance included a few of his own songs, songs by other EDM artists, live mixing, and other remixes. One remix included “Perfect” by One Direction.

Matoma came out on his own and went directly into DJ-ing. Since the other two acts were introduced by DJs, I wasn’t clear at first if the person at the table was Matoma or an someone else. Despite my temporary confusion, Matoma going directly into performing set a high, up-beat tone for the rest of his set. He had the crowd going by the time he stopped to address it.

“I really [enjoyed his] live mixing,” junior Leeann Ji said. “It was a really fun experience to have with friends because of the general environment of the concert.”

While the rain wasn’t enough to cancel the event, it did make U-Yard slightly swampier than usual. “It was really muddy,” senior Jaemin Baek said, “and I had literally just bought new shoes.” That’s Foggy Bottom a.k.a. the former swamp for you. Everyone seemed to have fun though and forgot about what a crazy world we live in for a little.

All photos featured in this story or on our Instagram were taken by the author.

Originally published at gw.therival.new by Emily Milakovic on 4.4.17.
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