Diversity seminar on campus sparks national controversy

It's not everyday that your school gets mentioned on both Fox News and Breitbart, but GW has managed to do just that.

A seminar hosted by the Multicultural Student Services Center (MSSC), titled: "Christian Privilege: But Our Founding Fathers Were All Christian, Right?!" on April 5 will attempt to tackle the topic of "Christian privilege." It's the idea that people who are Christian are inherently benefited, and have easier lives than those who are not Christian. The concept is somewhat of a counterpart to white privilege, but instead applies to religion rather than race.

The event description states, "How do we celebrate Christian identities and acknowledge that Christians receive unmerited perks from institutions and systems all across our country? Let’s reflect upon ways we can live up to our personal and national values that make room for all religious and secular identities on an equal playing field."

The seminar will be hosted by MSSC Associate Director and LGBTQ Resources Director Timothy Kane. The event's main objectives include identifying what Christian privilege is and listing out three examples of it in action.

The event has sparked controversy in conservative-leaning media outlets. Fox News questioned the validity of the seminar, stating that this event singles out white people. Breitbart pushed the idea stating that this is an attempt to "shame" people for a supposed "natural advantage" they didn't ask for.

"But the Christian privilege seminar doesn’t just focus on one religion, it also singles out a race: white people," the Fox News article reads.

Fox News and Breitbart are not the the only critics of this event. The Christian Post and the College Fix also called it into question.

Following the publication of stories about this, the event has gotten attention by many users of social media who are outraged. It only takes a search of "George Washington University" to see people freaking out about this event.

"'Christian privilege?'" Dan Bongino, former Secret Service officer and bestselling author, wrote in a tweet early Tuesday morning. "This may be the most disturbing story you’ll read all day."

"Only a non-Christian could or would believe this nonsense," Erick Erickson, host on Atlanta's 24 hours news radio station WSB, tweeted.

These prominent figures posts have prompted thousands of responses and spread the story across the nation. While someone have taken to the social media to defend the event, the vocal majority seems to be those outraged by it.

For the time being the event is still scheduled for April 5. GW officials have not immediately responded to requests for comment from any media outlets.

Originally published at gw.therival.news by Brandon Bish on 4.3.18.

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