Seven things to look out for this semester on campus

It’s that time of the year where you’re finally starting to remember to write 2018 instead of 2017. It's the time that brings starting new classes, purchasing textbooks, and struggling to find something interesting to say when someone asks you what you did over break.

What this also means is new things happening around the George Washington University. So here’s a breakdown of the hot topics on campus this semester.

1) Continued developments on investigations into GW’s sexual assault policies.

Last semester saw the launch of a Title IX Investigation by the Department of Education, as well as GW opening a self investigation. Another lawsuit against GW for mishandling of a sexual assault case has been filed since these investigations began. We can only expect that this story will only continue to grow as the semester ticks on.

2) Continued developments on the Corcoran construction.

Too many students at GW forget that only a few blocks away exists the Corcoran School for the Arts and Design. Over the course of 2017, renovations have been taking place which may be threatening the health of students. It doesn’t help that the university didn’t have all the money they needed to finish the renovations when they started.

3) President Thomas LeBlanc’s second semester.

LeBlanc is just taking over, and he spoke at length about what he wants to president. Now that we are headed into his second semester as president, we’ll probably start to see him spearhead some of what he’s talked about.

4) Vice Provost and Dean of Student Affairs Peter Konwerski’s last semester on campus.

Konwerski announced his intent to step down after this semester last fall. He has been at the center of controversy, the butt of many memes, and a consistent Twitter user on GW’s campus. With only a few months left, we should all be keeping our eye on what Konwerski will do.

5) The Student Association Election.

After several complaints against a SA presidential candidate occurred last year, a long Joint Elections Committee hearing about those complaints, and the whole presidential election being thrown out the window in favor of bumping the vice presidential elect to president, it was clear the JEC didn’t work as efficiently as it could. The JEC enacted some changes in December, and this spring we will all witness these changes go into effect in hopes that it will reduce the drama.

6) Panera is open.

Yes, that’s right. The dining option promised to us is finally here. We will finally stop seeing memes about how it will never open. I'm sure Panera won't completely disappear from the memes page though. The inevitable long lines will bring memes of their own.

7) President Donald Trump.

No matter what class you’re in, you go to GW. Expect to hear about Trump a lot this semester whether you really want to or not. I even heard about Trump in my Geology course last semester, #OnlyAtGW.

Originally published at by Brandon Bish on 1.6.18.

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