Trump to issue major executive order on immigration

Remember when people tried to reassure you about Donald Trump by saying, “it’s just campaign rhetoric; he won’t do a lot of it?” In whatever way you choose, tell those people they may be wrong.

The Associated Press reported on Tuesday that, according to administration officials, President Trump would take executive action today on immigration issues, including the promise of a border wall with Mexico.

President Trump himself issued a tweet about it (shocking, no?).

Big day planned on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow. Among many other things, we will build the wall!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 25, 2017

In addition to the wall, other measures are expected, such as increasing border security and requiring immigrants caught illegally at the border to be immediately jailed.

The officials, who spoke anonymously to provide an outline, said details on the immigration actions are yet to be finalized. However, the two main elements are a four month (minimum) ban on all refugees and a temporary ban on people from certain predominately-Muslim countries entering the U.S.

(Photo by: Wikimedia Commons)

(Photo by: Wikimedia Commons)

Based on the AP’s information, CBS News reported that the ban, though not finalized, is expected to be at least a month long and apply to those coming from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. There is also a possible exception to the refugee halt — people of a minority religion fleeing persecution (i.e. Christians in heavily-Muslim countries could request refugee status).

Does this seem just fine? Because it’s not.

On the surface, it might, might, seem like some of this is okay. Some may think that prohibiting Iranians from coming to the U.S. for a month is too extreme, but arresting undocumented immigrants is permissible.

But it’s a lot more than that. There are three major implications from these proposed actions.

(Photo by: Michael Vandon/Flickr)

(Photo by: Michael Vandon/Flickr)

1. Cost

“We’re going to start a border wall” seems even less reasonable when you realize that we have no legitimate plan in place to pay for a wall. Trump can sign executive actions all day long, but that doesn’t mean Congress is going to allocate funding.

Even if you buy into the notion that Trump will somehow get Mexico to reimburse us, that money has to come from somewhere first.

Second, we currently don’t jail immigrants immediately if they are found crossing the border. Some are sent to immigration officials at later dates. If Thursday morning we are to start jailing everyone, we have no plan in place for paying for extra jail space nor what to do with children caught with their families.

2. Ethics

The Trump administration might be issuing the temporary refugee ban just to make a point. It’s scheduled for only a month. Additionally, we already have an incredibly in-depth process for vetting refugees. Unless the administration actually expects to improve their process over the next couple of months, all the ban does is leave more people without a place to go.

3. Trump is not his campaign promises

Trump supporters, as soon as he said “lock her up” was just talk, you should have known. As soon as he announced his Cabinet picks from “the swamp,” you should have known.

Trump is further backing away from “small government” and other preferences of many conservative voters. He’s doing more of what they loathed about Obama.

Obama was criticized heavily for using executive actions (even though he was nowhere close to some previous presidents). His first several actions centered on interrogation ethics and practices. In 2009 alone, he issued 39 executive orders.

Not counting the ones to come on immigration, Trump has issued ten in five days.

Some fear President Trump will come after sanctuary schools and cities next, which protect undocumented immigrants living, working and studying there. But until more information about these orders are released, everything remains unclear.

Originally published at by Emily Milakovic on 1.25.17.
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