An interview with Katie Earl of The Mowgli's

On Saturday, September 3rd, The Mowgli’s, an indie rock band, came to GW to perform at its annual Fall Fest. Since then, the group has released a new album and announced a world tour with bands The Maine and Beach Weather. If you haven't heard of The Mowgli's, where have you been? Their sound is the epitome of feel-good, happy music, the kind you want to listen to on a warm, blissful day, when it's finally time to break out popsicles and light a bonfire in a friend's backyard.

I was lucky enough to have a conversation with Katie Earl, one of the band’s two lead singers, in order to learn more about their latest album, Where’d Your Weekend Go, and their upcoming tour, The Lovely Little Lonely World Tour. The record, despite the light, shimmering exterior of the music, is comprised of songs extremely meaningful to the band, creating a repertoire that reflects The Mowgli's adventures over the past few years.

"It’s a metaphor for how quickly time flies by," Earl said on the meaning behind the record. “The album was a compilation of all the feelings that the band had.”

For the past four years, The Mowgli's have been making music and touring so consistently that they did not realize time could move so quickly. The new record is full of the ideas and experiences the band collected over time as they grew together.

Listening to the album, there are common musical trends: horns shining through acoustic guitar chords, sweet and light lead vocals paired with energetic back-up singers, and simple but upbeat percussion. The musical makeup of the album is representative of the varying music tastes amongst the members of the band. With a total of six members, The Mowgli's utilize an array of instruments and influences, allowing them to hone in on their personal sound.

While Earl says that there were no specific artists that contributed to the overall sound of the album, there were a couple artists that Earl and her band members listened to during the process.

"We listened to Local Natives' records together a lot," Earl admits. "We even went to a show together."

Outings like these are typical for the tight knit band.

“We have season passes to Universal Studios, and we like to go to Harry Potter World together during off time,” Earl said.

the mowgli's.png

Along with their love for Harry Potter, they enjoy running and stay active together, which is a necessity to maintain the stamina to perform.

While they are staying active in order to give the fans a great show, Earl admits there is something the fans can do to make the concert just as great for the band.

"We also all love dogs," she said. "We always encourage people to bring dogs to our shows.”

Concert goers have a lot to look forward to with the Lovely Little Lonely World Tour quickly approaching. As a result of taking time off, the band is feeling re-energized for their upcoming adventure.

“We are all so well rested and we have been able to get back in touch with our families and our friends," Earl said. Fans are going to see a “well-rehearsed, well rested, high energy band.”

She feels very optimistic about the future of their band and the effect that their music will have on others.

“We hope our music not only brings [listeners] joy but that it lets them know there is hope in the world and that they are not alone," Earl said. "We hope there is a sense of unity in our music. Music has the power to bring people together.”

The Mowgli's will be here in D.C. on May 3rd at the 9:30 Club. If you want to see a show that reflects the sunny and happy nature of the month, be sure to buy your ticket and come through! (And bring your dog too!)

Originally published on by Anika Raju on 2.21.2017.

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