GW students' reactions to Lorde

On Sunday, April 8, 2018, Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor, otherwise known as Lorde, arrived in D.C. for her Melodrama World Tour. While some may have woken up early for church, others woke up early for a different kind of Lord(e). People started lining up hours, and even days, in advance for the general admission show – myself included. I was intrigued not only by how early people arrived, but by the universal appeal of Lorde which literally drew people from all over the world to the recently opened venue, The Anthem, in our nation’s capital.

If you haven't listened to Lorde's latest album Melodrama yet, here it is below:

I decided to interview some GW students who had attended the show to learn exactly why people our age love Lorde so much.

On arriving early, student Camila Alvarez Bisbe said, “My friends and I got there Friday afternoon after we heard a couple people had been camping already. Since then we went back and forth to the venue to make sure we still had our place in line (we didn’t have to sleep there), and then we got back at 7:30 am the day of the concert (Sunday) and didn’t leave until the show.”

Not only did people spend hours in the cold camping out and waiting for the show, but many were also injured stampeding to the barricade once the doors opened.

Shruti Bramadesam said, “Making it to the barricade was probably the worst experience of my life. It was chaotic and traumatizing.”

Camila said, “For the entire time we were stuck in the lobby I thought there was no way I was going to beat all those people to barricade, but I was one of the first people to make it to the door and I also ran along with my friends so we all ended up together in exactly the center of the barricade and it was a happy ending, thankfully. But I was scared for my life because I could’ve gotten trampled or pushed. I know a girl next to me who hurt her wrist really badly.”

Why did people literally risk their lives to ensure they were in the front row? Well, first and foremost, Lorde is the quintessential millennial artist. She radiates an energy that is familiar to us because she is a millennial just like us.

Merry Samuel shared, “I’ve been listening to Lorde since the angsty years of sophomore year. I think Lorde is so successful and reaches so many people because she is truly a millennial artist. From her fashion to her lyrics, she embodies what it means to be a hopeless romantic in this generation. Coming from a typical suburban background, I can listen to every song and it'll take me back to the high school romances I've had, which include all the good and the bad. […]. Her mindset just fits really well with the culture and lifestyle of our generation.”

Born in 1996, Lorde is probably the most relatable recording star for our generation out there right now. It’s natural to feel like we went through our teenage years with Lorde right by our sides.

Shruti said, “I have loved Lorde before she released her first album. I think the fact that she is basically our age is what drew me in- how someone that young could have so much talent. She is not your average ‘pop star’ and that’s what I love about her. Her music comes from the heart and really evokes some special emotion in me. I went to her concert on her first tour in 2014 and it was amazing.”

Gavin Gondalwala said, “I’ve been a fan for forever, literally since The Love Club EP. I genuinely love her. In a note she posted on Facebook, she talked about how she wrote Pure Heroine in an effort to immortalize what it is like being young. I think that’s why it resonated with me so much when it came out.”

Fans were ecstatic over the performance.

“I absolutely loved the concert. She pulled out showstopper after showstopper. The dancers that she had blew me away. At the end, during the encore, I got to touch her — a life changing moment,” shared Gavin. “Going into the concert, I literally said that as soon as I saw ‘Ribs,’ I would be able to die happy. It is hands down one of my favorite songs, and seeing it live was amazing. At the same time, when she started singing ‘Green Light,’ I lost it.”

Shruti told us, “I absolutely loved the concert. Even though getting in was tough and emotionally draining, it was definitely worth it. She is just as good live as she is when listening to her songs, so I just had the best time. ‘Flicker Beat’ has always been one of my favorite songs of hers, so when she sang it I almost lost it.”

It was a night to remember for all in attendance. If you haven’t been keeping up with Lorde, it’s never too late to start. She is the soundtrack to our generation, somehow magically mirroring everything that we experienced as teenagers and that we experience now as young adults.

Originally published on by Anika Raju on 4.8.2017.

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