Songs to cry to while you're alone on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. Flowers; chocolates; dinner; drinks; cuddles; candles; and love. If these things turn your stomach, or cause a grimace to slowly creep across your face, you've come to the right article. For those of you who are lonely af, celebrating Galentine's Day, or just like good music, here's a playlist that'll definitely put you in your feels.

1. CTRL - SZA (Album)

If you hadn't heard, SZA's debut album is the soundtrack to every females' life. It might as well be titled Look What This Fuckboy Did to Me.

If you don't have enough tears to get through the whole album,

Drew Barrymore, Prom, The Weekend, Go Gina, Garden (Say it Like Dat) are must listens.

Finish it off with Broken Clocks and Supermodel to switch from insecurity and deep self reflection to intense anger and girl power vibes.

2. Die For You - The Weekend

This one's pretty self explanatory. Abel acknowledges the imperfections within his relationship and reminds his girl that no matter what bullshit stands in the way, he'll die for her. So much love it hurts.

3. Best Part - Daniel Caesar ft. H. E. R.

With their emotional harmonies, Daniel Caesar and H. E. R. remind us just how beautiful and lovely we are when we have no one else to do it for us :(.

4. Ain't Nobody Taking My Baby - Russ

A newcomer to mainstream rap, Russ has his own unique and melodic flow. This bop accurately depicts the "verbal warfare" that push so many relationships right to the edge, but reaffirms us, no matter what, his baby is not getting taken. Go get you a Russ.

5. Another Sad Love Song - Khalid

Laid across a slow but lively beat, Khalid sings what he can't bring himself to say, and it's really catchy.

6. Let Me Love You - Mario

A classic sing-a-long that has to be included. Let Mario sing to you. You deserve better than these liars. Let Mario love you...

7. Jungle - Drake

Jungle details the struggles of trying to have a relationship in the 21st century. The beat is super slow and lullaby like, and allows your thoughts to drift along to Drake's venting. This one goes out to that crush that was more than a crush but not enough of a crush to be official, and then one day was gone, just like that.

8. Won't Live Here - Daniel Caesar

Honestly most of this man's songs will get just about anybody in their feels. This ballad especially has you ready to forgive him without even knowing what he did. He...he said he was sorry!!

Must. Forgive. Dumb. Boy.

9. Best Thing I Never Had - Beyonce

It's hard to pick just one of Queen Bey's hits to include, but this song encompasses the pain of heartbreak as well as the anger and empowerment that comes afterwards. Perhaps the perfect "single on v-day" song. Belt along as you curse your exes. Your loss dude, more chocolate for me.

10. Talk 2 U - Brent Faiyaz

Hella vibey, and laid out on an old school RnB beat, Brent Faiyaz wants to get to know us, wants to be the only one on our minds and tells us how he's not like the other guys. (He probably is but it's nice to dream)

11. Burn - Usher

Last but certainly not least, one of the most passionate RnB hits of all time. Usher tells us how bad he wants his girl, but he knows they aren't good for each other. In the words of Usher, instead of fighting it, just let this V-Day burn.

Playlist includes more songs than described.

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