April the giraffe in sticky situation after lying about pregnancy to keep her man

HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. – As millions around the world wait patiently for April, a giraffe in an upstate New York zoo, to give birth, April has found herself in a rather uncomfortable situation. As it turns out, April is not actually pregnant.

April, a 15-year-old giraffe, apparently told Oliver, a 5-year-old giraffe, that she was pregnant with his child as a last ditch effort to preserve their relationship.

"I told Oliver [the father] that I was pregnant over a year ago. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision; I could tell he was trying to break up with me," April said. "I didn't want to lose him. I figured this would all blow over in time."

Unfortunately for April, she now has the whole world watching her every move as they wait for her to produce a 6-foot tall giraffe baby. As for Oliver, he still doesn't know the truth and is looking forward to this new stage in his life.

April is still unsure of what her next move should be.

"It's been weeks. I was hoping the humans would figure out that it's not gonna happen, but they're still holding on. Nothing I do is private anymore. Even when I use the bathroom, I know that there are hundreds of thousands of eyes watching me, just waiting to see if a baby falls out.

"I guess this is a good lesson for all the kids and other giraffes out there that a little white lie can spiral out of control."

"My family threw April a baby shower a few months ago and it was really a blast," he told us. "My mom has always wanted grandkids and gave us the cutest onesies for the baby that say 'World's Best Grandcalf.' I've even been saving up the softest hay in my pen so that the baby can sleep in it."

Originally published by Claire Cantrell at gw.therival.news on 3.7.17
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