Taking my friend to Taco Bell for the first time: A review

I know what you’re thinking — doesn’t Buzzfeed have a copyright on people doing things for the first time? Fortunately, no.

Meet Brooke Migdon, a junior from New Jersey who, two weeks ago, had never eaten Taco Bell.

Taco Bell is a cultural icon, an inexpensive, Americanized take on Mexican food. It has safe taco and burrito staples and also the most outlandish concoctions, like their Naked Egg Taco, a breakfast taco with a fried egg shell, or their Naked Chicken Chips, which are basically chicken nuggets roughly cut to the shape and thickness of a Dorito.

On Nov. 4, Midgon and I journeyed to Union Station, the closest Taco Bell to a campus surrounded by salads and health food. Fortunately for Migdon, who stopped eating meat last year, Taco Bell has an American Vegetarian Association-certified menu.

“The commercials always look really good, like, the food looks amazing,” Migdon said. “But everyone is always like ‘no, Taco Bell is gross.’ But I was pleasantly surprised.”

She ordered the 7-Layer Burrito, I got my usual assortment of tacos, and we split some Cinnabon Delights®, donut hole-sized pastries filled with Cinnabon’s frosting and topped with cinnamon sugar. Overall, her review was positive.

Burrito quality:

“I actually really enjoyed it,” Migdon said. “It was smaller than I thought it would be, but I liked the portion sizes actually, because they don’t give you too much.”


“I think [the price] is pretty good,” she said, adding “I know that some things at Taco Bell can be a little pricey for fast food, but I think if you just get one or two things it’s pretty reasonable.”

Cinnabon Delights®:

“They tasted like a hug. They really did.”

Overall rating: 11/10

Migdon said she was glad everyone who trash talks Taco Bell was wrong.

“To the people that say Taco Bell sucks, I would just say: ‘you’re wrong,’” she said, laughing. “I respect your wrong opinion.”

Joking that she might go back the next day, Migdon gave some advice for future Taco Bell goers who don’t have dietary restrictions.

“Everyone that has the opportunity to do so should buy the dehydrated chicken chips,” she said. “Like that is honestly just innovation at its finest. They made something new and special.”

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Originally published at gw.therival.news by Emily Milakovic on 11.16.17.
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