Welcome to the Rival 2.0: A letter from the editor

The Rival was begun as a means to give students a place to express their smart and honest observations and opinions of the world around us. The world around us, in this case, is the Foggy Bottom bubble.

It’s hard to do this with a website that can’t keep up, right?

You might notice that we took a bit of time off to get a bit of a facelift. Everything on our website works a bit better.

What a new website means is a renewed commitment to publishing and showcasing diverse opinions about diverse topics that affect GW student life. We are still the same Rival, with the same goals and expectations as before. We just work better now.

We are here to inform you, but we are also an opinion, commentary, and satire website. We want to make you roll your eyes when we pay exuberant tuition prices and they can’t even use the money to get rid of black mold or keep the jumbotron from crashing to Earth. We want to make you laugh when we satirize the already ridiculous conviction some students have to boat shoes and Juul Pods. But most importantly, we want to give students space where they feel like they’ve connected with content that they relate to and care about.

So, welcome to the GW Rival 2.0, your home for everything GW.

Think you have interesting things to say about GW? Want to get experience writing about issues on campus? Then apply here to be a writer for Spring 2019, no previous experience required! All you need is a sense of humor and high school level English. Come have a great semester with us and the drama of GW!

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