Events of 2018 Recapped - Rival Review

We know a lot has happened this year—as hard as it is to believe, this year really has been only 12 months. In a never-ending news cycle, a lot of important stuff can get lost. Here’s a look back at notable events of 2018.


  • Jan 5- Michael Wolff publishes Fire and Fury, a tell-all book about the Trump White House

  • Jan 9- First same-sex marriages take place in Australia

  • Jan 20- U.S. government shuts down over DACA debate


  • Feb 9- 2018 Winter Olympics begin in Pyongyang

  • Feb 14- School shooting in Parkland, FL, kills 17, spurring many students to begin rallying for gun control

  • Feb 21- Prominent evangelist Billy Graham dies at age 99


  • Mar 4- Former Russian double agent killed in UK with nerve agent; Kremlin denies involvement

  • Mar 14- Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking dies at age 76

  • Mar 19- Last male northern white rhino dies, setting species up for extinction

  • Mar 24- More than 900 cities worldwide participate in “March for Our Lives” protesting mass shootings


  • Apr 8- Dozens of people died and hundreds were injured in Syria after government launches a sarin chemical attack

  • Apr 18- Movie theaters open in Saudi Arabia for the first time since 1983; first film shown is 2018’s Black Panther

  • Apr 19- Miguel Díaz-Canel becomes president of Cuba, with Raúl Castro stepping back to just head of the Communist Party of Cuba. This is the first time since 1959 a Castro has not been president

  • Apr 23- Man with misogynistic internet history (self-described “incel”) drives into group of people in Toronto, killing 10

  • Apr 23- Prince Louis of Cambridge, the third child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, is born

  • Apr 27- Kim Jong-un meets with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, becoming first North Korean leader to visit since the Korean War


  • May 2- Kanye West causes controversy after saying “slavery was a choice”

  • May 5- Childish Gambino releases “This is America” music video

  • May 8- Trump announces plan to withdraw from Iranian nuclear agreement

  • May 19- Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marry

  • May 31- U.S. expandes steel tariffs to include Mexico, Canada, and the EU


  • June 5- Fashion designer Kate Spade dies at age 55; death ruled a suicide

  • June 8- Chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain dies at age 61 of apparent suicide

  • June 12- Trump and Kim Jong-un meet at first North Korea-United States summit

  • June 18- Controversial rapper XXXTentacion, shortly before facing charges of domestic violence, is killed at age 20 during a robbery in Florida

  • June 19- U.S. announces withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council

  • June 19- Canada legalizes recreational marijuana

  • June 24- Saudi Arabia begins allowing women to drive

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain


  • July 1- LeBron James signs deal with LA Lakers

  • July 6- U.S. tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese goods goes into effect

  • July 10- Thai soccer team and coach successfully rescued from flooded cave

  • July 26- Court-imposed deadline to reunite migrant children with families passes with more than 700 still separated


  • Aug 2- Apple achieves market value of over $1 trillion

  • Aug 7- U.S. reinstates sanctions on Iran

  • Aug 7- Crazy Rich Asians, the first Hollywood film with all-Asian leading cast, premieres

  • Aug 16- Aretha Franklin dies at age 76

  • Aug 19- Novak Djokovic becomes only male tennis player to win all nine tournaments in the Association of Tennis Professionals’ Masters 1000 series

  • Aug 25- Senator John McCain dies at age 81 after second battle with cancer


  • Sept 2- Fire destroys the National Museum of Brazil

  • Sept 4- Colin Kaepernick becomes one of the faces of Nike’s 30th anniversary ad campaign

  • Sept 6- Supreme Court of India ends criminal status of homosexuality

  • Sept 6- Actor Burt Reynolds dies at age 82

  • Sept 7- Rapper Mac Miller dies of drug overdose at age 26

  • Sept 14- Hurricane Florence makes landfall on Eastern U.S.

Hurricane Florence. Image labeled for reuse by NOAA

Hurricane Florence. Image labeled for reuse by NOAA


  • Oct 2- Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi is killed inside Saudi embassy in Turkey; CIA report believes Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman was involved with ordering the killing

  • Oct 6- Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court despite sexual misconduct controversy

  • Oct 20- Hundreds of thousands of people march in London demanding second referendum on final Brexit deal

  • Oct 22- Eleven people are killed in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue

  • Oct 30- Mobster Whitey Bulger killed in prison at age 89


  • Nov 8- The Camp Fire begins in California, becoming the worst wildfire in state history

  • Nov 11- The 100 year anniversary of the end of World War I

  • Nov 12- Comic book legend Stan Lee dies at age 95

  • Nov 28- Chinese scientist He Jianku announces he successfully altered the genes of human twins, sparking outrage and skepticism in the scientific community

  • Nov 30- Former president George H. W. Bush dies at age 94


  • Dec 2- Israeli police recommend Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife be charged with fraud, bribery

  • Dec 3- Norwegian football (soccer) striker Ada Hegerberg is the winner of first-ever women’s Ballon d'Or

  • Dec 7- Court filings against Michael Cohen appear to possibly implicate President Trump in campaign fraud

  • Dec 10- After weeks of protests and riots, French President Emmanuel Macron agrees to increase minimum wage, cancel fuel tax increases

  • Dec 19- President Trump announces victory over ISIS and controversial plan to withdraw from Syria

  • Dec 22- U.S. enters partial government shutdown over debate on funding for President Trump’s proposed border wall

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