SA election results: Live updates

The results of this year’s Student Association (SA) elections are being announced tonight. The Rival will provide live coverage as the votes are counted.

The verified candidates for each position are listed below. The candidates elected for each position will be updated as winners are announced.

SA President

RUNOFF: SJ Matthews and Justin Diamond (Write-in candidate)

Election to be held Thursday, April 4

SJ Matthews

Nicole Cennamo

ShanTorrian Underwood

SA Executive Vice President

Quentin McHoes

Amy Martin (WINNER)

Undergraduate Senator at-Large

Julie Apagya Bonney

Emily Corrado

Howard Brookins III (WINNER)

George Glass (WINNER)

Rico Pride

Graduate Senator at-Large

Jeremiah Devlin-Ruelle (WINNER)

Armon Panahi (WINNER)

CCAS Undergraduate Senator

Louie Kahn (WINNER)

Brandon Hill (WINNER)

Charles Aborisade

Sparkle Mark (WINNER)

Keith Nagy

Andre Gonzales (WINNER)

Raina Hackett (WINNER)

Patrick Burland

Morgan Berk

Henry Asulin

Catherine Morris (WINNER)

CCAS Graduate Senator

Jake Corsi (WINNER)

Julian Taylor (WINNER)

Law School Senator

Sebastian Weinmann (WINNER)


SMHS Graduate Senator

Nakita Mortimer (WINNER)

School of Business Undergraduate Senator

Harry Levine (WINNER)

ESIA Undergraduate Senator

Caroline Beason (WINNER)

Milken School of Public Health Graduate Senator

Ronit Dastidar (WINNER)

Ashli Farfan (WINNER)