SA election drama continues into next week

A confusing two hours after the planned time for SA election announcements passed before the results were in: a runoff between SJ Matthews and write-in candidate Justin Diamond will be held next week.

The SA presidential race was complicated earlier this week by Diamond’s last-minute write-in campaign, which spurred a social media frenzy on the GW memes Facebook group and landed him a feature article in the GW Hatchet. Diamond’s platform to abolish the SA and devolve the $15,000 stipend awarded to the SA president to student organizations attracted attention from the student body.

The runoff between the two candidates appears tight based on last night’s results, with SJ Matthews garnering 25 percent of the vote and Diamond outpacing her by a mere 2 percent in the polls.

In total, 4,967 people voted in this year’s election. Fifty-four percent voted to remove and replace the Colonials mascot, and 87 percent voted to adopt a non-discrimination provision in the SA constitution. The announcements were met with booming applause from the election audience.

The runoff election between SJ Matthews and Justin Diamond will be held over a 12-hour period on Thursday, April 4.

Both candidates expressed that they are looking forward to next week’s election.

“I’m excited for the run-off, and I welcome the challenge,” SJ Matthews said following the announcement.

“I’m just looking forward to a long week of campaigning and I hope I can win it in the runoff,” Justin Diamond said.

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