15 pictures to take at GW and around DC that aren’t of the #CherryBlossoms at the Tidal Basin

  1. A pensive photo of you at CVS having a self-moderated existential debate as to whether you can afford Charmin designer papyrus toilet paper as opposed to the generic brand sandpaper that you normally opt for

  2. Gelman Library’s 6th floor in the race-car chic red synthetic leather chairs

  3. Negotiating with a Foggy Bottom neighborhood pizza rat as you BEG for your life  

  4. A cute pic of you sitting in a circle of Georgetown students, nervously bragging about your accomplishments like “yeah I actually donated my leg last year.”

  5. On top of the Washington Monument (idk figure out how to climb up there?)

  6. A commemorative photo in front of the closed doors of Rolls By U that will definitely be worth many monies in 10 years

  7. Under the comfy 600 thread-count covers of your roommate's bed with a box of probably expired pop tarts

  8. A meta photo of you updating your LinkedIn profile photo while sister slaving at your unpaid Peace Corps internship

  9. At Beefsteak stuffing your face with artisan naturally sourced leeks in THE NAME OF GOOD HEALTH

  10. Shaking hands with Jared Kushner after he makes peace in the Middle East

  11. Exposing yourself to DC wildlife at the School Without Walls (a habitat that I would not call natural)

  12. You, on the Metro, listening to a politics podcast that you don’t actually like because this is our Nation’s Capital

  13. An action shot of you and your friends leaving Heist after being there for approximately 20 minutes  

  14. A Boomerang of you making uncomfortable eye contact with the parents of high schoolers touring GW and then immediately looking away   

  15. An aerial shot of you in the Chick-fil-A line somehow surrounded by every single person you ever knew and are ever going to know