Meet The Rival's graduating managing editors

The 2018-2019 school year was an exciting one for The Rival. We introduced our new and improved website, added to our staff, and covered yet another hectic SA election season. For those of you who are faithful followers of The Rival, here’s your chance to meet our outgoing managing editors, Brandon Bish and Emily Milakovic, who kept everything running smoothly this year.

Brandon Bish

Brandon first joined The Rival during his junior year as a staff writer for the Campus section.

“I had always loved The Rival, it was a bit different than regular outlets and seemed to be more in line with what I wanted to write, so it was an easy decision when it came time to be part of something,” he explained.

Brandon moved on to become editor of the Campus section before becoming a managing editor. He said that his favorite part of working at The Rival has been covering breaking news on campus.

When asked what he has learned from his time with The Rival, Brandon explained that his experience has taught him how to deal with controversial issues.

“When there was all of the stuff surrounding divesting from Israel, everyone had strong opinions about it,” he said. “It was our job to figure out how to approach covering that while offending as few people as possible, because someone was always going to be offended no matter how hard we tried.”

Emily Milakovic


Emily joined The Rival’s staff in 2016 at the beginning of her sophomore year.

“Someone on my Facebook timeline shared the application link and I figured I’d apply, as I was really getting into journalism,” she said. “As soon as I saw that the application let you submit an article draft on any topic you wanted, I was sold.”

Emily started as a staff writer for the Current section, and she served as editor of the Current section before becoming a managing editor this year.

She said that her favorite part of working with The Rival has been the freedom to pursue her passions.

“For classes, especially entry level, you are more restricted in what topics you cover and how you cover them,” she noted. “It make sense, as you’re being taught specific skills, but I still loved being able to choose what topics I wanted to write about and how I was going to share them. The flexibility The Rival gives to writers and the ability to write opinion pieces as well as straight news has been incredible.”

Emily said that her time at The Rival allowed her to learn about opinion writing and legal issues.

“I got more direct experience dealing with those things than you can in a class,” she said. “My Media Law professor was incredible, but learning about theories and past First Amendment cases couldn’t teach me as much about making sure your publication is toeing the right lines as firsthand experience did.”

Bonus: Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite restaurant on GWorld:

  • Brandon: “This question feels like a trap, because someone’s going to think I’m wrong… so I’m going with Safeway, I like to cook my own meals and I lived on the Vern.”

  • Emily: “Roti, but Crepeaway or Magic Gourd for delivery restaurants.”

Favorite non-Rival news source:

  • Brandon: “Vox!”

  • Emily: “Vox; I look at CNN when I have downtime at work because I like their website layout.”

Favorite article you’ve written:

Highlight of senior year:

  • Brandon: “Being at the end, knowing that I can stop checking my email to get all the emails about events I can only participate in if I donate to GW.”

  • Emily: “My internship at NBC! I loved working with Pete Williams and the whole environment at NBC News was great. Also, Old Town Road memes. What a time to be alive.”

After graduating from GW, Brandon and Emily both plan to attend law school. They will certainly be missed here at The Rival, but we’re excited that they’re moving on to bigger and better things!