Political. Motivated. Skeptical. Blackout at Shadow Room and Sign of the Whale on Tuesday nights.

There are countless ways to describe the diverse student body of The George Washington University. We recognize that - and we celebrate that.

The Rival GW strives to be genuine, critical, funny, unique. We are student-run and student-driven. We hope to create content that makes you question the norm, question authority and, perhaps most importantly, question yourself.

We are a staff of directors, editors, writers, and strategists, but we are a platform for many voices, not just the voices of our team. We welcome submissions, suggestions, and, of course, slices of Jumbo Slice pizza.

Having only been created in March 2014, we are still young, we are still learning, and we are still figuring out how to be the best source of student commentary, opinion, and satire. That being said, we promise you this: we will never try to be above you. The Rival GW is nothing without all of you. Remember that.



In the past decade, student news has been reduced to listicles, resume-builders, and click-bait.

Most for-profit campus news publications aim for clicks and create teams of disconnected writers and editors, many of which are post-grads working from an office building in New York City. And, while traditional publications have sound content, the entire operation is stuck in the past.


We want to change that.


We work by the mantra “Community, then Content.”

All operational, logistic, and creative decisions are made by the students at each campus. They create their own teams, design their own marketing campaigns, and build their own identity on campus.

This means that students are free to pursue and write about their passions and interests without interference from any institution.